Executive Search

Our Executive Search services span the full spectrum of headhunting activities. As an agile, context-driven partner we work extremely closely with clients to understand and define what they need from their leadership hires. We will always structure a tailored search process in order to bring them the best possible candidates from the most appropriate talent pools. 

The initial phase includes developing a comprehensive understanding of our client’s the organization, its business goals, culture as well as the specific requirements for the appointment. Thereafter the objectives of the assignment are defined and an ideal candidate profile developed. The search universe parameters are determined and agreed and the market mapping commences.

Throughout the search process we capture and provide our clients an array of highly valuable business intelligence around competitor fee levels / sources, compensation trends, key growth markets and hiring/build intentions.

When clients mandate Amrop UK to conduct a search exercise, they have the assurance that our process for target identification, approach, selection and closing is robust, exhaustive and highly effective. Our goal is to identify the very best talent in any given market segment, based on a comprehensive understanding of their historical performance, value-add to a new employer and cultural fit.

Throughout the screening process we will be contacting and meeting key individuals, either as a potential source for candidates, or in order to engage relevant candidates’ interest in this proposition. Our competency-based interviews will assess the quality, abilities and capacity for delivering within this role for each candidate.

We provide full candidate management throughout the continuing process. We will fully manage the offer stage to successfully close your chosen candidate(s). We will also coach any candidates on their resignation tactics to mitigate the possibility of counter-offers from their current employer. We will continue to stay in contact with candidates up to and beyond their start date to ensure they are settled and their manager is happy with their progress.