Amrop is proud to be one of the world's largest international retained executive search networks with the widest geographical coverage in the industry. 2017 marks a milestone in our history as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our partnership - built on the philosophy that every business, every opportunity, every candidate and every market is unique and should be treated that way.

Within the Financial Services sector, we specialise in all asset classes and products within global financial markets, covering both sell-side and buy-side institutions.

Our expertise in the Technology sector covers a multitude of fields and spans across all industries, with a particular focus on Financial Technology.

In the Consumer sector, we work right across the industry from basic consumer staples like bread and milk through to branded consumer goods, retail and consumer-facing services, including travel, leisure, hospitality and childcare.

Built upon the fundamental principle of delivering detailed research and analysis, Amrop UK has developed long- term relationships with our client partners, where this information has been instrumental in supporting their strategic resourcing initiatives.

For the first eight years of trading, Mulsanne was a boutique executive search firm, executing mandates internationally across all geographies. Having joined the Amrop global partnership in January 2015, we now trade as Amrop UK and focus on our domestic UK market, whilst collaborating with Amrop’s vast network of international offices.

In 1977, five entrepreneurial retained executive search firms in France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the USA united to create a network to serve clients with increasingly international needs for talent. It was called Amrop International. The firms within the group had strong reputations and adhered to the same rigorous international professional standards, as set forth by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). They shared a flexible and client-centered approach to search. Above all, they each brought deep knowledge of their local markets befitting firms that had built their businesses in them. A year later, the Benelux and Germany joined the growing organization.


In the 1980s, Amrop expanded its footprint outside the US and Europe, partnering with firms in Latin America, Asia and Africa. This new global strategy propelled Amrop into the Top 7 retained executive search organizations worldwide.


In the 1990’s, Amrop strengthened its presence in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe, while expanding its presence in Latin America and Asia, as Amrop helped clients source talent for emerging markets.


In 2000, to further strengthen its global coverage and client-focus, Amrop International merged with The Hever Group, itself a growing international network of high quality search firms. The new Amrop Hever Group continued its growth and delivery of executive search services around the world.


Over the last 10 years, as our clients have sought to position themselves to compete around the world, we have continued to expand our ability to access knowledge and talent from local markets.


In 2009, the organization rebranded as Amrop. This strategic move reflected our strengths as a progressive, cohesive and context-driven global executive search organization.


In 2011, Amrop forged a partnership with leading business school IMD, and launched its Trusted Advisor Program under the umbrella of Amrop University.


2012 saw the definition of Amrop's 2020 Vision, setting the partnership's positioning as 'trusted C-suite advisor' together with related growth-oriented objectives. Amrop also became a member of the World Economic Forum Community of Growth Companies.


In 2013, these strategic developments were translated into the external launch of Amrop's new tagline: "Leaders For What's Next' - the expression of Amrop's identity as an agile, connected and forward looking partnership, applying a context driven methodology.


In 2014, Amrop and leading business school IMD published a groundbreaking global C-suite study: 'Welcome to the Flight Deck' - an exploration of the human dimension of globalizing mid-caps.


Since 2015, Amrop has strengthened its presence in EMEA, and relaunched its global Leadership Services and Board Services practices. In 2016, Amrop published 'Digitization on Boards', a report mapping the digital competencies of the Boards of the 110 largest stock-listed companies in 11 countries in Europe and the US, and the backgrounds of 1280 Non-Executive Directors.