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Amrop Releases AUTOMOTIVE LANDSCAPE 2025, a landmark study on the future of the automotive sector

Brussels and Duusseldorf

Amrop is pleased to release Automotive Landscape 2025, conducted in partnership with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, outlining the trends, challenges and opportunities for the global automotive industry over the next fifteen years.

In the coming 15 years the global automotive industry will undergo the greatest transformation it has experienced in its history. Changing demographics, geopolitical change, sustainability, the evolution of mobility as well as changing technology, are the five megatrends that will cause a huge leap forward in the development of the automotive industry. Ten key findings are published in Automotive Landscape 2025, a significant study conducted by Amrop in partnership with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. 22 Amrop executive search Consultants, as well as most of Roland Berger’s 39 offices around the world, were involved in interviewing more than 60 leading experts from the automotive industry as well as related organizations worldwide.

As a result of this study, three industry scenarios were identified:

1. The High-tech scenario foresees a wide array of car features allowing drivers to stay connected to their network while driving, use the internet and personalize the Human-Machine Interface.

2. The Budget scenario describes a world in which the purchasing power of customers is strongly reduced due to taxes and inflation combined with reduced income growth. Cars are less affordable and the money spent on cars is in competition with other spending.

3. The Sustainability scenario describes a world in which consumer behavior is strongly influenced by regulations, legislation and tax, but at the same time by rating recommendations.

From the 10 key findings presented by the study, Amrop highlights the importance of positioning key people across all management levels, as well as the shift away from a centralized organization towards a highly flexible, constantly adapting, glo/cal one, involving external partners in a far more substantial way than in the past. The key for success in the sector is for companies to remain open and flexible. “The quality of management and staff and the ability to manage change quickly in a world of scarce resources will be key to competing successfully,” said Matthias Ruppert, Amrop’s Industrial & Automotive Practice leader and co- author on the study. “As a global advisor on leadership issues, Amrop understands that these trends in demographics, sustainability, consumer behavior and technology present a genuine challenge for the industry.”

Ulrich Dade, Amrop Chairman, commented, “We are glad to have partnered with Roland Berger on this unique study. Beyond our core business in leadership consulting and executive search, Amrop is proud to contribute to defining industry trends, this thanks to our Consultants’ privileged market and contextual knowledge, and through their close relationships with senior executives and key decision makers around the world, including emerging markets, so essential to the shaping of the new automotive landscape.”

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